At the local market, I often find my love for humanity at its apex. Why? Watching folks gather their food seems so very intimate. And there is a unique closeness that joins people who stand side by side choosing their avocados. As they carefully smell a nectarine, squeeze an orange, bag a bundle of celery it almost feels like we are family. 

And then there's the parents and children--the kiddos so excited by the options (sugared ginger, chocolate gum drops, cherry yogurt!) and the parents trying so desperately to focus on the list. Be practical, prudent, frugal. Think about lunches and non-perishables and sleepovers and birthdays and late-nights at work. But really we all just want macaroni and cheese. 

Also, the single people in scrubs with their lentils, broccoli, protein shakes. The college students with cans of pinto beans, jugs of milk and six packs of beer. I love them all. 

How much can you learn from the cart?


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