Tuesday, May 18, 2010

darwin at work?

She's in love.  For the time-being.  Like all of us, I suppose.  For today.  My E loves a boy.  The same boy she's crushed on nearly all year and now they've settled into mutual affection.  And I really feel like there's been some major progress evolution-wise in this generation because let me tell you how sane she is!  How calm and rational.  How accepting she is of their limited time together (she's changing schools next year), of their mutual restrictions on dating (I mean, we'd never be allowed to go to a movie together even if he asked), of their open communication (You can't be a jerk to me.  ~  I'm sorry.  I just really like you and I don't know how to act.)!

I thought I loved a boy when I was in 5th grade, too, and all my calm was a sham and I was nowhere near rational and we never spoke of the way we treated one another and there was not one ounce of my brain that anticipated that I might not love him FOR-EV-ER.  So, because of all this rapidly progressing human nature, I'm actually fine with love.  I'm excited for her.  I see her eyes glimmer when she talks about him and it makes me a little giddy.  Besides, I know my place in the evolutionary chain.  There is no competing with love.  

Sunday, May 16, 2010

dear spring

Your warmth and blooms are nearly always surprising and welcome.  Colors that seem unreal.  The yellow rose bush that nearly glows at dusk.  The lilacs that shake and shiver in their lilacness.
Today I watched ambitious birds fill their beaks with the dog hair I left in the grass from the dog's grooming.  I sort of wanted credit for the incredible cushion I could imagine that hair would provide for their eggs. 
But I know that's silly.  Do you think the tree wants credit for how beautiful its blooms look, fallen all over my counter? 
Soon it will be summer and the blooms will not seem so effortless.  The eggs in the nest will hatch and the tree will be green.  You, spring, will be a lovely memory.  And I'll give you all the credit for that.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

picture it

When T, my littlest, my ham, my devil, my prankster, my long-lashed lover of anything sweet, called from the back of the van, "DID YOU SEE THAT?" I didn't even flinch.  I'm onto him.  He's all about hyperbole.  Instead, we (Mister, E & I) continued our very mature, modulated conversation.  Then, after a right turn onto Central Avenue, T begins again.  "THERE IT IS!  LOOK.  IT'S A DOG ON THE BACK OF THE MOTORCYCLE."  With Mister's maneuvering, we soon were adjacent to the aforementioned motorcycle.  And guess what?  Not only was there a dog strapped onto the back of the Harley, but the dog was wearing a leather motorcycle jacket, a red helmet to match the driver's and sunglasses.  Priceless.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mother's day

You know that expression THE MOTHER LOAD?  

Plus, I'm in the middle of crafting some recycled newspaper beads that may become a necklace.  

On a petty note, I want to know how it is that Phil from the Amazing Race took time to fan the flames of the lesbians' bitterness instead of asking Dan & Jordan what they're going to do with their MILLION DOLLARS???!!  More track suits, perhaps?  Go, bro.   

Monday, May 3, 2010

lucky number 13

 Turkey has just become the thirteenth foreign country to buy the translation rights to THE RUG MERCHANT.  Teşekkür ederim!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

to kindle or not to kindle

Technology is a big topic over here in this house.  We all fight against its worst qualities (time vaporizing, dependence, loss of social cues, etc.) while appreciating its incredible efficiency.  Recently, the Mister was standing in my office, looking at my face and he said, "Did you get my email?"  T overheard this and balked.  "What?   You sent her an email?  When you're standing a foot away?  In the same house?"  We laughed.  Then, in a few moments, this appeared on my desk.
Isn't all great art a reaction to conflict?  A response to circumstances beyond our control?  Forgive me if I'm bragging, but this card is now one of my most prized posessions.  And check out what's on the back of it:
I digress.  I recently decided to give in and try out a Kindle.  Here's my two cents:  If you happen to travel five out of seven days with loads of time between and at your destinations, then the Kindle may be for you!  Also, if you happen to be one of those rare creatures who love to read but loathe the stacks of books that build up beside some people's beds, couches, chairs, then the Kindle may be for you, too!  Alternately, if you plan on being stuck on a desert island (with a power outlet) and can only take one item, then a fully loaded Gutenberg Project Kindle would be idyllic.  But for someone like me--who is basically a homebody with no imminent desert island in my future and who loves to flip between pages as I read, admiring a perfectly built chapter, or checking on the introduction of a character I somehow missed, look and re-look at a cover or open a book randomly and read the first sentence that hits my eyes--the Kindle is clutter.  I'm sorry, Jeff Bezos, but it doesn't disappear in your hands.  And as much as I love this commercial, it's much more whimsical and lovely to hold an actual book with actual pages and an actual spine.  I'm disappointed.  I was ready to be a convert.  I was ready to embrace the future and love me some Kindle.  But I didn't.  It's going back.  And I'm going to the library.

may day

The kids and I tried to make these adorable May Day baskets inspired by the awesome madebyjoel.  However, I soon realized that my medium, if I have one, is definitely not paper.  So I converted the idea into fabric.  Cut a 10" square out of two pieces of fabric.  Then, notch out the corners, 3x3".  Sew the two pieces together, right sides facing.  Leave one edge unsewn so you can turn this whole piece inside out.  Then fold in the arms and sew the adjacent ones together, forming a "basket."   Like so: