Monday, May 21, 2012

did you hear robert downey jr. made nearly a hundred million dollars from the avengers movie the first weekend?  he can afford to do whatever the fuck he wants.

i went to see lydia davis read this week.  she was great.  i think she's doing whatever the fuck she wants, too.  i loved being in her presence for just that reason.  i even wrote a story called at the reading, inspired by the evening.

sometimes i wish that my almost 13 year old would listen, smile and agree.  then go do whatever she was gonna do.  she is so honest (mostly).  just agree with me, i want to tell her.  nod and make me think you agree.  she had friends sleep over.  i said, go to bed by midnight, please.  she didn't smile and agree.  she wanted permission to stay up later.  fuck permission.  lead a secret life.

uh-oh.  i will live to regret those lines, won't i?