Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I'm here.  I really am.  I haven't forgotten you, blogland, it's just that I'm short on images and if you want in on a secret--that's usually how I start this thing.  I find an image that I like and ruminate on it and think about what I can say about it.  So let me just tell you a bit of what I've been up to:  I finished reading FREEDOM and I was totally underwhelmed.  But then, when I saw THE RIGHT STUFF (you know, Oscar-winning film about the astronauts that I somehow missed in my adolescence) I was bored to tears.  I actually was moved by the end of FREEDOM, mostly because I didn't think there was a chance in hell that Patty and Walter could end up together and happy (maybe?).  Sorry if that was a spoiler.  The best part of the book in my opinion is a couple of pages midway through when the rock n'roll character is riffing about pop culture and ipods and rebellion.  Otherwise. . .

Also, I've begun THE GREAT HOUSE by Nicole Krauss.  I'm perturbed.  But I'm persevering.  Writing is hard, no?

I shared a little with you about my adventure in felting--remember, how it fixes everything?  Well, check these out and be prepared to drop you jaw.  This is no felting for forgetting.  This is felting with some kind of crazy know-how remembering.  Really, you'll be amazed.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I gotta say, I never thought I'd still get zits when I was 38 years old.  I mean, really!  When I was sixteen and trying my hardest to sell a Gap pocket T to every person in the mall, I thought that as soon as I hit twenty, acne would be a thing of the past.  My real life could begin.  

BUT, I also never could have anticipated that those blemishes would really be a very small annoyance in a life filled with fine people and things made by those people, such as the cardboard robot in the above photo.  It was made several years ago by T and it still makes me happy.  As this week of thanks begins, I'm feeling gratitude by the buckets.  Now pass the zit cream, please.    


Monday, November 15, 2010

felting fixes everything

In full disclosure, as much as I find great joy in my textile obsession, I'm not a prescision crafter.  I cut corners (literally and metaphorically) all the time.  So, the elation I experienced when I felted a sloppily knitted bowl and saw it become a perfect specimen, was tremendous.  Felting can do for knitting what time often does to the past:  smooth over all the lumps and loose ends and make it better than you imagined.  You were beautiful.  He was handsome.  Everyone laughed and everyone danced and there was confetti falling like glitter when you first kissed.  Here's to felting!

Friday, November 12, 2010

faux fux

Do you think the above title would work for a phone sex business?  Where is my mind?  No idea, except I found myself a deal on some black faux fur at the fabric store today and I am flying high.  Immediately, I came home and started cutting.  I had the dog in mind (it was the only way I could justify such a purchase to myself) who has been napping on a nice down pillow that didn't have a cover.  Now it does!

I was covered in black faux fur pieces for most of the afternoon.  It was not easy, this beast.  But it is a luscious landing pad for one lucky pooch.

Meanwhile, some strangers invaded our house:  
Some of the Uglydolls are real and some are half-bloods, designed by the boy and made by the fur lady, who has a wee infatuation with textiles.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

it is the desert. . .

. . .and it is beautiful.  I'm not sure how you all keep yourselves distracted (clearly not the types for word searches, ahem), but I could look at and wonder about how this cactus blossom finds its precise shape for a very long time.  I know there are people out there who actually understand biology and how it is that cells speak to one another, form a plan, create a finger, toe or eyelid.  I also know there are people who prefer to think that these cells were made by God.  To me, cells are divine not because something all-powerful made them, but precisely because of their humble origins--because they spontaneously, mysteriously scrapped it together, long before anyone could see them or name them or claim them.  And they made these shapes whose beauty takes my breath away:  The outrageously long eyelashes on my little boy, the perfect thumbs on my little girl, and these bright yellow blooms on these ancient cacti.       

Monday, November 1, 2010


Well, strangers, we're coming up on the first anniversary of this blog.  How can it be?  As if on cue, to remind me of the powerful connections made in the old-fashioned world, I had such a surprise in the snail mail today from a stranger all the way in Canada.  A lovely note from a reader, who took the time to make a word search with vocabulary from DEAR STRANGERS!!  Behold: 

My friends, I deeply understand distraction; my poison happens to be fiber-related, Nicole Foucault's seems to be letter-writing & puzzle-crafting.  I don't mean to sound hokey here, and I'm afraid that I will--but, does she know how much I love the graph paper?  Did she read this post?  Is this all too much?  Thank you, Nicole Foucault! 

If anyone wants to solve the puzzle and send me the answer, I'll send the author of the first correct answer one of my fiber-related distractions.  Maybe your own birthday number pillow, comme ca?