Monday, November 23, 2009

bits & pieces

A selection of bits & pieces that E found on our weekend walk.

With a straight face, she told me tonight that in fashion black does not go with white.  Only black goes with black.  Don't tell Black House White Market, or whatever that store is.  She is my daughter, however, and there've been many times when I've put on black pants with a white shirt and decided, no way.  White pants with a black shirt, yes.  But black pants, white shirt is too reminiscent of waitstaff or ushers or the clothes you wear for school choir performances.

Then, after we discussed black and white clothing, she told me she wants to go incognito on our little Thanksgiving jaunt.  She'll be wearing a white wig and black combat boots.  I love that girl.

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  1. just read your entire first page. will be back to read your older stuff.

    i am oddly pleased about finding your space. i'm sitting here, smiling at a few of your posts. still.

    love your writing style, love the way you tell a story.

    this was a nice surprise. thanks for it.