Sunday, December 13, 2009

call me crazy

I think this bird knows a thing or two.  How about you?  I think she knows above fierce love--the kind that knocks you in the stomach and curls your toes.  I think she sees that building a nest is one thing, but sitting on those eggs is what counts.  I think she knows that the avian ability to soar makes our human ability to alphabetize and debate seems useless.  I think she knows me and you in a way that has nothing to do with our names or our faces.  I think that if she flew over my head and I looked up at her and screeched that she would screech right back, full of compassion for the wingless, featherless creature who cannot see what she sees.


  1. ok. empty shoes. broke my heart. i remember trying to leave a comment, and your blog wouldn't allow it.

    hancock. one of my all time faves. a drunk superhero is genius. gets me every time.

    and sitting on eggs. horton hatches the egg is another guts-me-every-time story. because it should be it should be it should be like that.

    the end. and well done. when your posts make your readers spill their guts with their own stories? well done. xoxo.