Friday, January 8, 2010

the 'stache

I made this mustache pillow a while ago.  I threw it in the recliner the other day--my Dad's favorite chair that I inherited and is the perfect place for a Sunday snooze--and it cracked me up because it almost looked like there was actually a man in the chair.

The children gussied me up tonight for a date with the mister.  E gave me eyeshadow and eyeliner and she couldn't contain how proud she was of her work.  T lotioned my hands and marvelled at his sister's use of the make-up.  You look all bruised, he told me.  You look beautiful, she said.  And there it is, folks:  the eye of the beholder.

Later, after the date officially ended, when our breath was garlicky and terrible, we snuggled those two little beholders, all of us in one twin bed, and it was the very best part of the night.

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