Friday, February 12, 2010

some things seen in nyc

1.  gigantic needle & button

2.  ethan hawke scowling in a chicken joint
3.  snow
4.  the most daunting preschool commute in memory

5.  so many friends
6.  lots of strangers
7.  homemade donuts
8.  views from 1501 broadway

9.  adam & arthur & the guvnor
10. a stuffed chicken at the bar

11.  seven meals prepared by somebody other than me
12.  the very same george washington bridge we drove over as newlyweds, with a cat and a van


  1. my very favorite one, besides, of course, the button and needle, those great stairs, the view--oh and that beautiful chicken--- is the bridge. I am having fun picturing you and he as newlyweds driving over that gorgeous bridge with such excitement in your bodies.~xoxoLaurie

  2. my very favorite one, besides the button and needle, those awesome stairs and the view----oh, and that great chicken--- is that amazing bridge. I'm trying to imagine you and him driving over it for the first time as husband and wife with that excited feeling all over.

  3. Daunting indeed! The Guvnor says howdy.