Sunday, December 12, 2010

circles go round and round

Last week, I met a friend for coffee.  While standing in line, a complete stranger gave us $15 worth of credit at the cafe.  We laughed and ordered extra tall lattes.  The next day, the same friend called me to say that another stranger in front of her at Starbucks had payed for her coffee anonymously.  I was talking this over with the Mister and we decided we try to initiate our own little mini-holiday inside this big holiday month:  For the five days before Christmas Day, our family will commit to doing at least one random act of kindness for somebody out in the world.  Whether it's buying the groceries for the person behind us in line, or giving someone a coffee, or filling up somebody's tank of gas, we will set aside some cash and dole it out for these anonymous good deeds.  Just like the guy whose $15 gift is reminding us to pay it forward, hopefully the circle will keep going round and round.  I'll try to post here how we spend our random kindness December 19-24.

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