Wednesday, March 11, 2020

La Carona--

the beast and fear of the beast are indistinguishable.  E returned from France and we are all much sadder than we should be for the reunion.  Her trip interrupted, her experience far from over.  Yet this, too, is her experience.  Part of the lore of her life.  We are living the story, unaware where it begins and ends.

For me as I sit in the middle of this new draft, it melts around me.  Beginning, middle, end are all such fabrications.  And yet, we yearn for them all the time.  I yearn for a clearness, an X on the map of where in this mess my cursor actually is.  Am I miles away?  Years?  Or just below the crest of the hill with clear skies ahead?

Wherever you are, call it a beginning and forge ahead with all the hope and energy and freshness that requires.

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