Thursday, March 18, 2010

road trip

We traveled west, through land still covered in snow.
Our destination was a resort in Phoenix--the land of saguaros and palm trees.
I should lay down some backstory here:  the Mister and I spent a week on a cruise ship right after our wedding and right before driving cross country for our new home in NYC.  Aside from the frat-like atmosphere of the boat, the record-breaking waves (resulting in record amounts of vomiting) and the anxiety about moving cross-country the moment we returned, we had a great time lounging in the cabin watching old Chips reruns and being newlyweds.  That said, I don't think you'll ever find either of us begging for another giant cruise ship vacation.  But that's kinda what the resort was like in Phoenix.  A lazy river, with everyone racing around on it, family trivia by the pool at six, and lots of beer--some of it in the hot tub.  For some, a winning combination.  For us, a little too reminiscent of the cruise ship. 
BUT, the moral of this story is that we really did have a great time just being together, escaping the resort, finding this amazing restaurant, this amazing yogurt shop and visiting this amazing retail phenomenon. 

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