Sunday, March 21, 2010

so much more to say

I haven't even told you about the reading at Changing Hands where I was humbled by the rock star status (relatively speaking) of Jamie Ford and treated to my first ever free bookstore T-shirt.
Thank you, Changing Hands and Penna.  Yes, I know it needs ironing, but I wore it in Phoenix and promptly spilled Pomegranate MOJO all over the front, so it's fresh from the washer.

Also, I haven't mentioned the absolutely rejuvenating hike we took one morning in this beautiful preserve:

It really was incredible.  Lots of slate and E may have even decided that she wants to be the kind of geologist that studies rock layers to find out what was happening in the world way back when.  Anybody know the name for that career?

And T found lots of little tiny things.

A really memorable & delicious late night dinner that included cauliflower au gratin, Ceasar salad and pizza (who's the rock star now?!) at Parlor, a pizza place in an old beauty salon that is now uber hip and has this wallpaper:

Whoa!  Long post, I know, but after E pointed out that there were no homeless people in Phoenix, we were looking for cracks in their facade of Shangri La.  We noticed lots of fake tans and fake body parts and fine food and luxury cars and then, Ah Ha! we spotted a mullet:

Needless to say, it was a great trip and terrific being together and when we crested Nine Mile Hill, we saw lots of clunkers and the beauty of our shaggy home.

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