Monday, August 16, 2010

the beginning

I have to say, though I get the same angst and dread as the last day of summer drags its bare feet across the grass, that I like the way school marks a beginning.  A new year.  New classes.  New expectations.  New friends.  New problems.  It makes all things feel possible.  Including finishing a draft of book that is really barely begun by November.  I'm saying it here:  Every GD day.  Hold me to it.  In this new beginning, there must be time to work every single freakin' day, including weekends.  Hard core.  It's the only way.  Wanna write a book?  Ass + chair = book.  No other way, folks. 

beautiful photo:  Gymnastics, 1967 Gerhard Richter, found via the lovely&amazing